Millennium's Inaugural Conference
TechCon 2016
NOVEMBER 26, 2016
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Conference Features

The $20 (Early Bird) All-Access Day Pass will include the following features:

  • 2 Distinguished keynotes and a speaker series
  • Three workshop sessions on coding, VR, and robotics
  • A networking and exhibition session with complimentary lunch
  • Freebies


Time Workshop Rotation Beginner 1 Beginner 2 Intermediate
10:50 Workshop A Robotics Virtual Reality Intermediate Coding
1:30 Workshop B Virtual Reality Beginner Coding Robotics
3:00 Workshop C Beginner Coding Robotics Virtual Reality
Time Activity
8:15 Registration
8:45 Opening Ceremony
9:00 Keynote 1
9:30 Speaker 1
9:55 Speaker 2
10:15 Grab Food + Networking
10:25 Speaker 3
10:50 Workshop A
12:00 Lunch, Exhibition, and Photobooth
1:30 Workshop B
3:00 Workshop C
4:30 Closing Ceremony
4:40 Keynote 2
5:00 Conference End

Keynotes + Speakers

Maryam Sadeghi - Keynote 1

Dr. Maryam Sadeghi, CEO at MetaOptima Technology Inc, and the former Director and Founder of Digital Health Hub at SFU, completed her PhD in Computing Science at Simon Fraser University in the Medical Image Analysis lab working closely with BC Cancer Agency and Skin Care Center at UBC Dermatology. Her main interest is in e-Health, m-Health applications, and innovative patient-centric digital health solutions. Maryam received Wendy McDonald Awards (Women of Promise 2016) from Women's Leadership Circle, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and she was the 2016 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards nominee in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Patrick Neal - Cyber Security

Patrick has been involved in the justice and public safety field since 1982. He started his career in the Canadian Forces, later worked as a prison librarian, after which he went into corporate security. From 2002 to 2004 he completed his Master Arts (Royal Roads University) degree during which he studied the information seeking behavior of police officers. Starting in 2005 Patrick, working with provincial and federal justice and public safety agencies, focused on information sharing, and developing evidence based policies and procedures. The common thread throughout Patrick’s career has been to develop a deeper understanding of the safety and security dynamics of the “information society” we live in. He is currently completing his Doctor of Social Sciences at Royal Roads University. His doctoral research is examining the changing relationships between corporations, governments, and citizens and their evolving roles in protecting the information society. In particular, he is exploring how corporate personnel make sense and respond to the threats and risks associated with the blurring of the lines between cybercrime, cyberterrorism, and cyberwar.

Wolfgang Hamann - Game Design

Pres./CEO/Executive Producer and Founder: Award winning Koolhaus Interactive & Games, established in 2005, is Vancouver, Canada's longest established mobile app and video game development studio. 17 consecutive releases with 8/10+ critical reviews. 7 Top 10 Charted Apps and Games with 3 of those at number 1 including most recently the Number 1 iTunes (USA) game MyNBA2K17. Koolhaus' R & D division has developed several cutting edge technology solutions including: KoolAR, KoolAi, KoolPlan and KoolTrans. Wolfgang has also presented at: Develop Brighton, Develop Liverpool, Game Developers Conference (GDC) San Francisco, Korean Game Developer's Conference, GDC Europe, DIG London Ontario, University of Liverpool, University of Edinburgh, University of Windsor and others.

Christin Wiedemann - Software Testing

Christin have always been curious and eager to learn, and from an early age, her main interests have been the natural sciences and technology. She believes that our continuously improved understanding of how nature works is what drives our evolution as a species, and she strongly believe that the STEM fields hold the key to unlocking a better, and brighter, future for everyone. Christin’s training is in particle physics, and she has received her Master of Science at Stockholm University in 2001. She continued her graduate studies at Stockholm University, working on the IceCube experiment; a high-energy neutron telescope located at South Pole, Antarctica. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2007 and started working as a developer.


Virtual Reality
UBC Thunderbots - Robotics Workshop Lead

UBC Thunderbots is a student driven engineering design team at the University of British Columbia. They design, prototype, and build autonomous soccer playing robots to compete in the annual RoboCup conference. Their team consists of 45 members enrolled across the engineering disciplines and in Computer Science. They take an interdisciplinary approach with sub-teams that are mechanical, electrical, software and administratively focused with opportunities in each facet to promote leadership and mentorship. UBC Thunderbots’ greatest motivation is their passion for robotics and they use the platform of RoboCup to drive them. Since their initial qualification in 2009, they have competed in RoboCup and their team of six robots has maintained top ten finished for the past five years. They hope that through their work, they are able to promote research in robotics and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, UBC Thunderbots hope that the experience members gain while on the team encourages them to develop professionally and attain a sense of preparedness for industry life.

Charlie Shi - Virtual Reality Workshop Lead

Charlie is an entrepreneurial eSports fanatic and the co-founder of UNIVRS Inc., the first virtual reality (VR) entertainment lounge in Vancouver. Charlie received his B.Com (honours) in entrepreneurship from the UBC Sauder School of Business, and has worked in the tech and consumer electronics industry for over 6 years. His experience lies in enterprise hardware distribution, casual and competitive gaming (eSports), procurement and inventory management for enthusiast PCs, as well as digital and social media marketing for technology-based companies. In 2011, Charlie launched his first NPO, the Vancouver Gaming League, to bring together gamers from across the lower mainland to participate in events and compete in tournaments to raise funds for charity through video games. From there, Charlie has dedicated his time to focus on his passion for technology and gaming in various ventures and competitions, including winning the Enterprize 2013 EA games case competition and Intel Extreme Rig Challenge at PAX 2016. His current goals are to create a unified and dedicated VR gaming platform in Canada and bring together developers and gamers alike.

Rose Cass - Programming Workshop Lead

Rose is a Front End web developer with an instructing background. Rose specializes in custom WordPress theme development and has had her share of random jobs leading up to her time as a developer. The thing that excites her the most about tech is the community behind it. Outside of RED you can find her involved with various organizations such as Ladies Learning Code, Girls Learning Code and Code and Coffee.


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Meet the team that's bringing you Millennium Vancouver 2016

Michelle Lam, Co-Chair & Co Founder

Currently a grade 11 student at Point Grey Secondary, Michelle is excited to serve as the Co-Chair for Millennium 2016-2017. Having been selected as one of 36 girls in Canada to attend the CEMC Workshop in Computer Science for Young Women back in 2015, she was surprised by the gender imbalance in computer science since technology impacts the lives of both genders. This experience sparked Michelle’s curiosity regarding women in computer science, which led to the creation of a school project as well as the beginning of Millennium. In her free time, Michelle can be found being involved with non-profit organizations, hosting fundraisers for various causes, and performing at local senior homes and children’s health centers. Through Millennium, Michelle hopes to empower high school students to enter the world of STEM and to encourage the vision of a 50:50 gender ratio in these fields.

Phyllis Lesnikov, Co-Chair & Co Founder

Phyllis Lesnikov is a grade 11 student at Stratford Hall, and is delighted to be serving as the Co-Founder and Co-Chair at the first annual Millennium conference. Her interest in the sciences – especially in biotechnology and chemistry – have been prevalent from a very young age. As someone who has visually witnessed the discrepancies between men and women in the majority of STEM-related activities, Phyllis continuously advocates for the participation of women in science and technology, and the vision of Millennium is something that is close to her heart. Besides Millennium, Phyllis is involved at the executive level with the planning of several youth-led conferences and organizations, such as Operation Med School, Youth Achieving Success, and Sustainable Youth Canada, and is an ambassador for Science Expo and Project Pulse. Phyllis is a member of Team BC for Science Fair, and has received national honours for her projects. She hopes that Millennium is an educative and enlightening experience for attendees, and looks forward to meeting everyone at the conference!

Stephanie Chen, Co-Chair & Co Founder

Passionate about gender equality in the technology field, Stephanie founded Millennium with the goal of equipping students, especially females, with technology skills. When she’s not launching a new startup or running other organizations, Stephanie can be found browsing social media, binge watching kdramas, and visiting sushi restaurants around the Lower Mainland. Entering senior year at J.N. Burnett Secondary, Stephanie hopes that Millennium’s initiatives will empower students and continue to inspire them in the years to come.

Kittie Lam, Co-Director of Marketing

Kittie is a grade 12 student at JN Burnett Secondary. Equipped with an immense passion for both technology and business, Kittie is honoured to serve as Millennium Vancouver’s Co-Director of Marketing. She has always been intrigued by technology and mathematics, and holds the organization’s mission of creating gender equality in STEM fields close to heart. Outside of the organization, Kittie can be found testing out baking recipes, leading school clubs, volunteering for other non-profit organizations, or shopping for shoes. She hopes Millennium’s inaugural conference will ignite new passions in attendees and inspire them to explore the boundless possibilities in STEM.

Sarah Buddhason, Co-Director of Marketing

Sarah Buddhason is a Grade 10 student attending Moscrop Secondary School and is delighted to serve as Millennium Vancouver’s Co-Director of Marketing. At a young age, the concept that science is the core of our everyday life has always intrigued and fascinated her. Within her community, Sarah is currently involved in numerous projects dedicated to promoting intersectionality, individuality, and equity in STEM. Through her advocacy, she has developed a strong passion for issues concerning gender equality in the field which prompted her to apply to be a part of Millennium Vancouver. Aside from Millennium, Sarah is heavily involved in Model United Nations, debate, and several non-profit organizations. In her spare time, she can be found playing her alto saxophone, buying overpriced coffee, and balancing chemical equations. Ecstatic to work with the executive team, she is certain that the conference will be an enjoyable experience for all delegates, and hopes to engage youth in all fields of STEM.

Madeleine Liu, Director of Logistics

Madeleine is a senior at West Point Grey Academy and is honoured to serve as Director of Logistics for Millennium Vancouver. As a student innovator and technology enthusiast, she hopes to inspire attendees the possibilities of a career in technology through Millennium’s engaging workshops. Driven by her desire to help others attain self-sufficiency, Madeleine hopes to enter the realm of innovation and give back through social enterprise and outreach initiatives. She was recently recognized as one of BCBusiness’ 30 Under 30 and looks forward to meeting everyone at Millennium’s upcoming conferences.

Peggy Wang, Director of Finance and Sponsorship

Peggy is currently a grade 12 IB student at Richmond Secondary School and she is thrilled to be serving as the Director of Finance and Sponsorship. Ever since she taught herself to code, she has been fascinated with technology and the role it plays in society. As a student in Business and Management HL, she is thrilled that her position allows her to unite technology and business. She hopes that Millennium will inspire high school students to pursue their passion in technology and computer science. At this conference, Peggy looks forward to a day of engaging workshops and compelling speakers. When not writing sponsorship emails or negotiating deals, Peggy can be found playing piano, doodling, or blasting kpop while doing math homework. She also volunteers for several other non-profits in her spare time. She cannot wait to meet everyone in November!

Kelsey Cheung, Director of Outreach

Kelsey Cheung is a Grade 12 student at J.N Burnett Secondary School, and she is excited to be on Millennium Vancouver’s executive team as the Director of Outreach. She is an advocate of human rights and gender equality, which prompted her to start a World Vision club at her school and volunteer for various non-profit organizations. As an ardent philanthropist, Kelsey can also be seen volunteering for a residential care facility or for the Richmond Centre for Disability in her free time. Through Millennium’s inaugural conference, Kelsey hopes that delegates will be able to gain a deeper insight into the world of STEM through informative speeches and hands-on workshops. She believes that Millennium’s conference will be a valuable opportunity for students as they foster their passion in STEM. Kelsey is thrilled for the conference and hopes that it will be an amazing experience for everyone.

Stanford Lin, Director of Information Technology

Stanford is a grade 12 student attending Cambie Secondary and he’s honoured to be serving as the Director of Information Technology. As the founder and president of the Cambie Computer Science Club at his school, he takes an active role in enlightening others’ passion through technology. Being 1 of 18 Cadets in Canada to attend the Army Cadet National Expedition and being selected as a Google Code-In Finalist, Stanford has a fervent interest in the outdoors and technology. In the future, he plans to explore the world and create software that will benefit the lives of others. As the Director of Information Technology and recent alumni of the prestigious Make School Summer Academy based in San Francisco, Stanford plans to share his experiences and resources he’s garnered to impact a new generation of future leaders.

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Queenie Wu
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Catherine Chen

Jason Pang

Maggie Chong

Umar Ahmed

Anna Ding

Shefali Vishwakarma

Emily Huang

Kathy Liu

Neeki Alavi

Hussein Hallak, Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Speaker on Inspiring Leadership, Unleashing Entrepreneurship, and Breakthrough Performance. General Manager of Launch Academy; Vancouver's leading tech startup hub, Executive Director of TiE Vancouver; TiE is the world’s largest entrepreneurial organization, and Tech Panelist on Roundhouse Radio. Former Director of Marketing at TEDxStanleyPark; one of the world’s largest and most successful TEDx events, Director of Learning & Development of BNI Middle East; BNI is the world’s largest business networking organization. Built 10+ startups, mentored 100+ entrepreneurs, led 10,000+ hours of live workshops, presented tech TV to 40+ million viewers, featured in Forbes, BBC, Entrepreneur, VancityBuzz, Roundhouse Radio, and Notable.

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